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AED Pads, Batteries & Accessories

Defibrillator batteries & pads are made to last years, so it is vital to remain vigilant in their proper maintenance, so, if the time comes that you need to use your defibrillator, you don’t discover that the defibrillator battery is low (or completely drained), or that the Pads have passed their Expiry Date.

What is the average shelf life for AED batteries and pads?

Defibrillator Batteries:

The minimum stand-by time for most defibrillator batteries is three years. This can differ depending on the AED model and brand, for example some of our AED’s have a typical life of at least four years.

Although an AED unit’s batteries are not mandated to be changed by a particular the date, an automated warning will occur when the battery approaches its low charge level.

You may find it useful to know that there is always a shock capability left in the battery at the time of the first low battery warning. Some models of defibrillators have LED light indicators that display the amount of battery charge left, so it can be easily monitored.

Defibrillator Pads:

With AED pads, replacement is usually required every 2 years. However, this may be longer with some brands; such as the HeartSine (4 years), or Zoll (5 years).

Much like the batteries, it will depend on the brand and model of the defibrillator, so make sure you know the specifics of your AED.

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