HeartStart HS1 Defibrillator Pads


HeartStart HS1 Defibrillator Pads

  • SMART Pads Cartridge for Adults (8 years of age & older, or 25 kg & over).
  • Use-by date can be located on the Cartridge (at least two years from the date of manufacture).
  • Cable Length – 137cm

* For Pricing and more information about Child Pads please call 1300 725 700 *

  • Child SMART Pads Cartridge is for children under 8 years old or under 25 kg.
  • The HeartStart automatically reduces the defibrillation energy from the adult dose of 150 joules to 50 Joules and provides optional infant/child CPR Coaching.



Are you prepared for a Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

Make sure your HeartStart HS1 defibrillator is rescue ready, by regularly checking the unit’s status indicator to ensure the battery and pads are within their expiry dates and the device is ready to use..

Beauregard First Aid can provide all of your Defibrillator Service Products at a great price.

Whether it is for a large company, or you are just traveling around Australia in a caravan, get in contact with us and we will help with advice on your first aid requirements.


Additional information

Child/Infant Pads

for HeartStart HS1 defibrillator.

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