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High Risk

Restaurant First Aid Kits

High Risk
67% to 100%

Ideal for: Commercial Kitchens, Food Preparation Industries

67% to 100%

If you run a kitchen, you know how dangerous it can be, from the naked flames and hot water & oils, to an abundance of sharp objects being used, as well as, greasy floors and heavy items. On top of that, it is fast paced, in a congested area…. so, accidents will happen.

Outside the kitchen on the restaurant floor is no exception, either – wait staff can collide, broken glass can cause deep cuts, and the list goes on and on.

At Beauregard First Aid we have a choice of kits for restaurants, commercial kitchens and other food industry venues. The restaurant first aid kits we sell include contents to deal with common injuries such as cuts, burns and eye injuries.  Blue, detectable dressing strips are of course, a must have.

The larger kits are wall-mountable and made from the heavy-duty ABS plastic, complete with rounded corners for extra safety. They also have a carry handle for easy carriage if necessary.

  • Restaurant First Aid Kit-Small

    $59.95 inc GST
  • Commercial Restaurant First Aid Kit Large

    $308.55 inc GST
  • Restaurant First Aid Kit-Medium

    $179.90 inc GST