AED Defibrillator Hire/Rental

The low cost option. Short or long term rental, to suit your needs.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest can occur without warning, at any time. 

If AED Defibrillator Hire/Rental sounds like a good option, contacting Beauregard First Aid should be at the top of your list. We have been renting AED defibrillators longer than any other company in Australia!

We service Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth…. well the list goes on, infact we service right across Australia.

Defibrillator Rental for your Duty of Care obligations:

  • Workplace Projects, or Teams working Off-Site – short or long term arrangements available.
  • School Events, Sporting venues, Gymnasiums.
  • Construction Sites
  • Special Events, where the public will be in attendance.
  • Weekend Events – Cycling, Fun Runs, Dog Shows etc.
Defibrillator Rental Options
Powerheart G3 AED

Defibrillator Rental for your Camping/Motor-home trip:

If you are about to take off for an extended Camping or Motorhome trip and you are over 50 years of age, then consider your circumstances and whether it would be worthwhile to have an easy-to-use Defibrillator on hand – just in case.

We supply Nationally around Australia, including Regional areas.

AED Defibrillator Rental Pricing :

  • Our Rental Price is based on the length of the rental period. It is not a fixed price.

  • Phone or email us with the start date and length of time you want to rent the AED Defibrillator and we will respond promptly with a matching Quotation and information.

Call us on 1300 725 705, or fill out the inquiry form below

Defibrillator Hire/Rental can be arranged for short or long term time-frames, to suit your needs.

All Rental Defibrillators are supplied with Operating Instructions.