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Moderate Risk

Office/Warehouse First Aid Kits

Low Risk
33% to 67%

– Medium to Low Risk Environments

0% to 33%


Low Risk Workplaces such as Offices & Warehouses should have a general purpose first aid kit on hand for treatment of common injuries. You do not need a huge kit for a low risk workplace, but a decent range of first aid items, is definitely good practice.

Our Office & Warehouse first aid kit includes products to help clean, treat and protect cuts and grazes. It also contains items for bruising, serious bleeding, eye/wound irrigation, burns, splinters, and a resuscitation face shield.

Each office / warehouse first aid kit is Wall Mountable, made of heavy duty ABS plastic, with rounded corners for safety.

When you need to take the first aid to the injured person the container also comes equipped with a Carry Handle, making the kit portable. 

  • Medium Risk Office-Warehouse First Aid Kit

    $147.95 inc GST
  • Tradesman First Aid Kit – Softpack

    $60.50 inc GST
  • Home & Workshop First Aid Kit

    $45.50 inc GST
  • Basic First Aid Kit for Minor Injuries

    $18.80 inc GST
  • Low Risk Offices-Warehouses First Aid Kit

    $110.00 inc GST
  • Medium Risk Factories First Aid Kit-Portable

    $113.30 inc GST