AED Defibrillators

Defibrillators in the Workplace

If the worst was to happen at your workplace, would you be prepared?

By having a defibrillator at your office, factory, construction site, or home, you might one day very well save a life.

Choose from our variety of premium AED defibrillator brands.

– Cardiac Science, Heartsine, Heartstart, Lifepak, Zoll.

We will recommend the defibrillator that best suits the needs of your situation, such as :

  • Semi or Fully Automatic shock delivery?
  • CPR Feedback technology?
  • High product protection against dust & water?
  • Compact & Lightweight?
  • Child/Infant Pads?
  • Low Servicing costs?

How important is having an AED device readily available for  someone that suffers from a cardiac arrest?

It is widely accepted that reducing delays to defibrillation leads to better outcomes for patients in a shockable rhythm.

Victorian Ambulance Cardiac Arrest Registry 2016-2017 Annual Report

Time is Critical

Victoria Ambulance attended 6,024 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in 2016/17.  The proportion of casualties that survived to hospital when first defibrillated by Paramedics was 54%, compared with a higher 65% of patients for those that were first shocked with a Public operated AED.  A Reduced time to defibrillation made the critical difference.

These figures prove just how vital it is to co-workers and family to have an operational AED readily available if a cardiac arrest incident was ever to occur.  When someone experiences a sudden cardiac arrest “SCA”, the longer they have to wait until the first shock, the less chance they have of survival.

Source – * VACAR 2016-2017

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