Stretcher Safety Straps Sets

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Stretcher Safety Straps Sets

During Evacuations, or serious Workplace or Sporting Field incidents, injured victims must be moved as safely as possible. Stairs and uneven ground can compromise the patients transfer to safety on stretchers and backboards.

The choice of Stretcher Safety Straps is largely determined by the situation/environment that you operate in.

Choose from 3 Types :

  • Quick Release : set of 4.
  • Spider : set of 6.
  • Speed Clip – Pro : set of 7.



Quick Release Straps – set of 4 (B374)

This simple velcro side-release strapping system provides a low budget, but effective method of immobilisation for Spineboards, Scoop Stretchers, or Standard Stretchers.

The typical operating environment is for Workplaces & Sporting events in public venues.

Spider Straps – set of 6  (B375)

This system provides good immobilisation, with its ‘Figure Of Eight’ ankle strap to prevent the patient from sliding down the Long Spine Board or Scoop Stretcher.  Strap adjustments have also been modified to ensure improved immobilisation by ensuring straps can be placed over bony prominences.

Reflective tape on the straps improves safety at night.

The typical operating environment is outdoor hilly environments, where the need for patient stability is high.

Speed Clip – Pro Straps  – set of 7  (B376)

Designed for use with Long Spine Boards and Scoop Stretchers, these speed clips straps are purpose designed  for rapid attachment with Velcro tightening for smooth securing of the patient.

Buckles are specially coated for easier OH&S cleaning.

Set consists of 1 x Blue ankle strap, 1 x Red femur strap, and 5 x Yellow torso straps. These straps can be purchased individually. Replacement buckles available .

The typical operating environment is regular use by Medical Professionals.

Please note: Photo is for illustrative purposes only. Brand of item may not match the image, but the product supplied is intended for the same use.

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Additional information

Strap Type

Quick Release Straps – set of 4 (B374), Spider Straps – set of 6 (B375), Speed Clip – Pro Straps – set of 7 (B376)