Pulse Oximeter – Fingertip


Pulse Oximeter – Fingertip.

An easy-to-use fingertip sensor for measurement of the Oxygen percentage in the blood and also Pulse rate.

A ‘must-have’ when undertaking Oxygen therapy.

Oxygen should be administered to people with an oxygen saturation of less than 94%. Target Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) should be between 94%-98% in normal situations. Warm body temperature conditions need to be maintained for reliable finger pulse oximetry. Supplementary oxygen delivery should be reduced in stable patients when they reach satisfactory oxygen saturation.

**No routine calibration or maintenance is required other than battery replacement**


Pulse Oximeter Features:

  • Dual Colour LED display.
  • – SpO2+/ 3%. Pulse Rate +/ 2%.
  • Adjustable Brightness.
  • Choice of 6 display modes.
  • Powers Off automatically, after 8 seconds.
  • Low Battery indicator.
  • Continuous operation for up to 30hr (2 x AAA batteries).
  • Target Oxygen Saturation(SpO2) between 94-98.

Please Note: Oxygen therapy should only be used by those trained in its use and its effects should be monitored.

Please note: Photo is for illustrative purposes. The Brand supplied may not match the image, but the product is intended for the same use.

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