Scoop Stretcher

$682.00 inc GST

Scoop Stretcher – with Alloy Sides

Product Features:

    • Stretcher Length can be adjusted according to the patient’s body.
    • Can be split in two for careful patient placement, by uncoupling at either, or both ends, using a scissor-type closing motion.
    • The foot-end is designed as a narrow-frame structure, for use in confined spaces.
    • For ambulance transfer, the stretcher can be unhinged and taken out from the back of the patient, without moving them.
    • Made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials.
    • Light weight, foldable & easily carried.
    • Supplied with 3 Retaining Straps.


Scoop Stretcher Specifications

Length Width Height Weight Load Limit
170 cm (min)
211 cm (max)
42 cm 7 cm 9 kg 150 kg
Folded – 121 cm 10 cm

Strap Options Available:
i. Quick Release – set 6.
ii. Spider – set 6.
iii. Speed – set 7.

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