Marine G Scale First Aid Kit

$269.50 inc GST

Marine G Scale First Aid Kit

Outdoors First Aid Kit

  • Splash proof ABS plastic container with Carry Handle.
  • Portable and/or Wall mountable.

Ideal for: For Passenger, Non-Passenger & Fishing Vessels, Operating in Smooth & Partially Smooth Water environments (areas are defined by jurisdictions).


Marine G Scale First Aid Kit Includes


Item Qty Used For
Antiseptic Swabs – Povidone Iodine 10 Cleaning wounds
Antiseptic Cream Bepanthen First Aid 30gms 1 Antiseptic for wounds
Bag – Yellow Bio Hazard : small 25x35cm 2 Disposal of soiled dressings
Bag – Plastic Press Seal Small,Med,Large 3 Collection of amputated parts
Bandage – Conforming 5cm 1 Secure dressing
Bandage – Conforming 10cm 1 Secure dressing
Bandage – Heavy Crepe 7.5cm 2 Secure dressing
Bandage – Triangular Calico 96 x 96cm 4 For slings/padding
Cold Pack – Instant – Single Use (small) 2 Reduce bruising
CPR Wallet Card 1 CPR instructions
Dressing Strips – Fabric (latex free) 2x7cm 50 Minor wound cover
Dressing – Non adherent 10cm x 10cm 5 Wound Cover
Dressing – Combine Pad 9cm x 10 cm 3 Control Bleeding
Dressing – Combine Pad 10cm x 20cm 2 Control Bleeding
Dressing – Wound No. 13 (small) 2 Wound cover – major bleeding
Dressing – Wound No. 15 (large) 2 Wound cover – major bleeding
Dressing – Burnaid 10x10cm 1 Soothing Burns
Eye Pad 2 Emergency eye cover
First Aid Booklet 1 First Aid instructions
Forceps – Splinter Stainless Steel 12.5cm 1 Removing foreign objects
Gastro Stop Capsules (Pack 20) 1 Relief of diarrhoea
Gloves – Nitrile non powdered (large) 5 Cross infection protection
Mylanta – Chewable Antacid Tablets (Pkt 24) 1 Settling stomach pain
Paracetamol (Panadol) 24 x 500mg Caplets 1 Mild pain relief
Resuscitation Face Shield (single use) 1 Hygiene protection
Sam Splint 36″ 91cm x 10cm 1 Limb Support
Safety Pins 15 Secure bandages/dressings
Saline – 30ml Ampoule 6 Eye/wound irrigation
Seasickness Tablets – Kwells 0.3mg (10) 1 Relief of seasickness
Shears – Universal 1 Cutting tapes & clothing
Splinter Probes – single use. 5 Removal of splinters
Swabs – Gauze Sterile 7.5 x 7.5cm (Pack 3) 3 Wound cleaning
Tape – Strapping (waterproof) 25mm x 9.1m 1 Secure dressings
Tape – Strapping (waterproof) 50mm x 9.1 m 1 Secure dressings
Tape – Zinc Oxide 2.5 cm x 5m 2 Secure dressings
Thermal Accident Blanket 1 Retain body warmth
Towels – Interfold 4 Clean-up
Wound Closures Leuko 76 x 4mm (4 Strips) 2 Securing sides of wounds


Please Note: The contents of kits may vary slightly from time-to-time, but the applicability of each kit to its purpose will remain.

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