Medium Risk Industrial First Aid Kit

$135.00 inc GST

Medium Risk Industrial First Aid Kit
Ideal for Factories & other Workplaces – Medium Risk

  • Includes a wide range of first aid items for the treatment of common injuries, including Burns treatment.
  • Kit contents comply with & exceed Safe Work Australia Guidelines.

Packaging: solid ABS Plastic Wall-mount cabinet, with Carry handle.

Kit Size: H38cm x L32cm x D19cm.

Please Note : For Specific high risk hazards (e.g. Chemical injuries), additional first aid items may be required. For more information, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Medium Risk Industrial First Aid Kit Includes


Item Qty Used For
Adhesive Dressing Strip – 6.3cm x 1 mtr 1 Wound Cover – cut to suit
Adhesive Strips – Plastic Hypo allergenic 50 Minor wound cover
Antiseptic Spray – 50mm Bottle 1 Antiseptic application
Antiseptic Swabs – Cetrimide 10 Wound Cleaning
Bag – Plastic (Small) 3 Soiled items/General container
Bandage – Conforming Elastic Gauze 5 cm 3 Bleeding Control
Bandage – Conforming Elastic Gauze 7.5 cm 3 Secure dressing
Bandage – Crepe 10cm 1 Bleeding Control/Pressure Bandage
Bandage – Triangular 10x 110 cm Single Use 2 For slings/padding
Blanket – Thermal 1 Maintaining body heat
Burnaid – Sachet 3.5gm 3 Soothing Burns
Burnaid Dressing 10 x 10cm 1 Soothing Burns
Cold Pack – Instant – Single Use (small) 1 Reduce bruising
Dressing – Combine Pad 9 x 20cm 1 Bleeding Control
Dressing – non adherent 7.5 x 5cm 6 Wound cover
Dressing – non adherent 10 x 7.5cm 3 Wound Cover
Dressing – non adherent 10 x 10cm 1 Wound Cover
Dressing – Wound No. 14 (medium) 1 Padding for serious bleeding
Dressing – Wound No. 15 (large) 1 Padding for serious bleeding
Eye Module – 10 x 15ml ampoules 1 Attend eye injuries
First Aid Pencil & Note Book 1 Taking notes of injuries
First Aid Quick Check Notes 1 First Aid Information
Gloves Nitrile – Powdered – Large (Pair) 5 Cross infection protection
Resuscitation Mask for CPR 1 Resuscitation hygiene
Safety Pins 10 Secure bandages/dressings
Scissors – Sharp/Blunt 1 Cut bandages & dressings
Splinter Probes – disposable 10 Removing Splinters
Swabs – Alcohol 10 Cleaning Instruments
Swabs – Gauze Sterile 7.5 x 7.5cm (Pack 3) 5 Wound cleaning
Tape – Zinc Oxide 2.5 cm x 5m 1 Secure bandages & wound pads
Tweezers S/Steel 12.5 cm point 1 Handling soiled dressings

Please Note: The contents of kits may vary slightly from time-to-time, but the applicability of each kit to its purpose will remain.

Additional and/or specialised first aid items should be considered for specific high risk and hazardous areas such as chemicals, extreme heat, electricity, glass, snakes, welding.

Beauregard First Aid can provide all of your First aid requirements at a great price.

No matter if it is for a large company, or you are travelling around Australia in a caravan, get in contact with us and we will make sure that you are well prepared for whatever lies ahead.