Snake Bite First Aid Kit

$25.00 inc GST

Snake Bite First Aid Kit

Outdoors First Aid Kit

A handy Belt Pack for the treatment of Snake Bite. Includes a large Heavy Elastic Bandage with “pressure indicators.”

This compact kit can be easily tucked away when outdoors, placed in the car glove-box, or a carry bag.

Small soft nylon case with belt loops & zipper opening.

Kit Size – L12 x H10 x D4 cm.


What to do when a Snake Bike happens?

Keep the casualty still and quiet and apply a broad pressure Bandage/s along the entire bitten limb if possible, which will slow absorption of the venom through the body via the lymphatic system.

  • Call triple zero (000) and ask for Ambulance.
  • Place a Dressing over wound/bite and apply pressure immobilisation Bandages firmly along the limb (but not so tight as to cut off circulation), both below and above the bite, starting at the fingers or toes.
  • Mark the bite site on the outside of the bandage for future hospital reference.
  • Keep casualty still & quiet. Restrict movement of the limb. Splint if possible.
  • Keep limb level with the rest of the body.
  • Do not wash away venom, as it will be needed to determine the anti-venom.
  • Do not cut bitten area.
  • Do not try to suck venom out of wound.
  • Do not apply an arterial tourniquet.
  • Do not remove the Bandages.
  • Do not approach or try to catch the snake.

Snake Bite First Aid Kit Includes

Item Qty Used For
Bandage – Heavy Elastic with Pressure Indicators – 10cm x 10.5mtrs 1 Pressure immobilisation
Dressing – Non-adhesive 5 x 5 cm 1 Wound Cover
Snake Bite First Aid Instructions 1 First aid information

Please Note: The contents of kits may vary slightly from time-to-time, but the applicability of each kit to its purpose will remain.

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