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Spineboards & Scoop Stretchers

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Spineboards and Scoop Stretchers

Spineboards and Scoop Stretchers facilitate transfer of injured people from Sporting Arenas, Industrial Sites, Vehicles and Confined Spaces. Check out our range of high quality spinal care products, at economical pricing.

Our Spineboard is made of hardened plastic material in one-piece construction, making it fully fluid resistant.

Our Scoop Stretcher is made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials. It is lightweight, foldable and is easily carried. It can be split in two for careful casualty placement, by uncoupling at either, or both ends, using a scissor-type closing motion. The Stretcher Length can be adjusted according to the patient’s body.

Safety Straps – 3 Quick Release Straps are supplied with both the Scoop Stretcher and Spineboard.

Spider and Speed Pro safety straps are available for purchase separately. Choose the one that best suits your operating environment.

Head Immobilisers and Neck Collars are also available.