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Schools & Sports First Aid Kits

School Yard AccidentsChildren are without a doubt the most injury prone group, due to their zest for adventure and lack of fear.

As such, there is a long list of injuries that can occur.

Our School specific first aid kits therefore need to have a wider selection of products than other areas. Have a browse through them and if there is something else you are looking for, please get in contact with us directly.

Sports Team First Aid Kits

Basic, Essential, & Comprehensive first aid kit options are available.

Our sports first aid kits are based on the examination of several studies focused on Sporting Injuries across a wide range of Sports.

Sports Team at School

It was found that the most common types of injuries are:

Knees (approx. 14%)Ankles (13%)
Fingers (7%)Lower Legs (5%)
Bruising (18%)Muscle Strain (13%)
Swelling (9%)Bleeding (8%)

Beauregard First Aid kits cater for common sporting injuries and contain Cold Packs and/or Cold Spray in every kit.

Please Note: Our kits are for First Aid use and do not include ankle/knee Tape.