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Oxi-Life Oxygen Resuscitation Kit

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Oxi-Life Oxygen Resuscitation Kit


All-in-one oxygen kit : (1) Oxy Therapy, (2) Resuscitation, (3) Suction.

Ideal for First Response use.

OXI-Life Oxygen Resuscitation Kit Includes:

  • Simultaneous oxygen for 3 patients.
  • KDK Regulator has a flow range 0-15 L/min with 0, 3, 8 & 15 L/min click settings. Also, has an Oxygen Flush feature.
  • MTV-100/Manually Triggered Ventilator (Demand valve with push-button override).
  • OXI-Vac Suction System with On-Off push button operation.
  • Polycarbonate 250mL reservoir bottle. Narrow neck to prevent spillage when removing bottle.
  • Spare suction bottle with blue cap for rapid changeover.
  • Silicon Masks – sizes 3 & 5.
  • CPR – Pro Pocket Mask
  • Oxygen therapy masks – adult and child
  • O2 key wheel and chain
  • Spare Bodok seal
  • 8L/M hand wheel + 2m therapy tubing
  • Suction tubing – separate 1.5m
  • Operating Manual.

Kit size – L60 x W28 x H22 cm

Kit Options:

  • Soft Cordura Carrybag.
  • Stainless Steel case with drop-down front panel.

Please Note: Oxygen Cylinder (usually “C” size), is not included in this package. They need to be hired from a Gas Distributor.


Oxi-Life Oxygen Resuscitation Kit

For those wanting a range of treatment equipment in one kit : (1) Oxy Therapy, (2) Resuscitation, (3) Suction.

Ideal for First Response Use.

Oxy Regulator flow range 0-15 ltr/min with 0, 3, 8 & 15 ltr/min click settings, plus an Oxygen Flush feature.

The administration of supplementary oxygen is normally considered for individuals with hypoxemia (low oxygen level in  the blood), shock, acute breathlessness, difficulty breathing.

Target Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) should be between 94%-98% for most people. Pulse Oximetry can ascertain this reading. Pulse Oximeters can be supplied separately by Beauregard First Aid. Supplementary oxygen should be reduced in stable patients with satisfactory oxygen saturation.

When pushed, the Oxygen Flush Button on the Regulator rapidly refills the oxygen reservoir bag.

Please note: Oxygen therapy should only be used by those trained in its use and its effects should be monitored. A casualty who requires supplemental oxygen in a first aid setting requires further medical evaluation.

Manually Triggered Ventilator

This Ventilator is today’s most advanced design in oxygen powered, manually-triggered, breathing devices. Designed to deliver 100% oxygen, the MTV-100 provides emergency care professionals with greater versatility, increased safety, and improved performance over any existing handheld device.

  • By law, Oxygen cylinders can only be “hired” from authorised Gas distributors. They cannot be sold outright.
  • Supagas in Vic, Tas, SA , WA & NT are recommended. BOC Oxycare and Air Liquide are two other companies that hire “medical” Oxygen cylinders.
  • Oxygen Gas Fill – around $25.00.
  • Small Oxy bottle hire – “C” size, at around $12.00 month
  • A fee for Delivery may apply.
  • Canulas, (but not Masks), are normally supplied by Gas Distributors.
  • “C” size medical oxygen cylinders contain up to 400 litres (round bottom) and up to 440 litres (flat bottom), when full.
  • If pressed, the Oxygen Flush Button tops up the Reservoir Bag, which substantially increases the supply of oxygen, but will reduce the duration of the oxygen supply.
Flow Rate
Typical DurationInspired Oxygen Concentration
840 – 50 minutes 35% – 40%

Australian Standard Pin Index Valve for oxygen equipment.

“C” size oxygen cylinders:-

  • Black cylinder with a white collar.
  • Appropriate labeling, identifying it as a medical oxygen cylinder.
  • Weight (full) – 3.4kg.
  • Height –  515mm
  • Diameter –   110mm.

Additional information

Model Options

Handy Soft Cordura Carry-bag, Stainless Steel Case


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