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OXI Dive1 Kit

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OXI Dive1 Kit


Oxi-Dive 1 – Closed Circuit Oxygen Resuscitation Kit

OXI-dive 1 Kit Contents :

  • Pelican Waterproof Case.
  • Oxygen Cylinder 320ltrs (empty).
  • KDK85 Autovalve combined Regulator/Flowmeter (flow range 0.5 – 8L/min) with an ‘Oxygen Flush’ at all settings.
  • 8L/min oxygen flow restrictor and Handwheel assembly
  • KAB Carbon Dioxide Absorber – single use pre-filled with CO2 absorber
  • 2M white Oxygen Tubing fitted with an oxygen hand wheel at each end
  • Universal twin Hose, single patient use breathing circuit c/w 2L latex-free breathing bag and size 5 mask
  • CPR-PRO™ resuscitation mask with oxygen inlet and 1-way valve.
  • Non-re-breathing therapy mask with safety vent, reservoir bag and oxygen tubing – single use
  • Guedel airways (set of 4)
  • Operating manual

Accessories :

  • Adaptor – Pin Indexed/Bullnose.
  • Handicant Oxygen Decanting tool for large supply cylinders.


Oxi Dive1 Kit – Closed Circuit oxygen resuscitation kit.

In diving accidents, one of the main concerns is how long it will be until the oxygen runs out. Especially when many accidents occur far from a medical facility.

Excess Nitrogen is removed from the body with the assistance of oxygen. The reduced amount of nitrogen also speeds up how fast oxygen can be supplied to damaged cells, which is why the OXI Dive1 Kits recommends a flow rate of 0.5-2L/min. This flow rate would reduce the amount of oxygen wasted significantly. To remove the carbon dioxide found in exhaled gas, an absorbent soda lime has been included in the KAB absorber, making this a ‘closed circuit’ breathing system.

The Oxi Dive1 Kit in the hands of a trained operator is capable of delivering inspired oxygen concentrations of up to 90-100% to either a breathing or even a non-breathing diver for 2 ½ to 3 hours, with a 320 litre oxygen cylinder . When you compare this to the 25–30 minutes that you would normally get with a high flow system (8-15 l/min), the benefits are easy to see.

Please note: Oxygen therapy should only be used by those trained in its use and its effects should be monitored.  A Pulse Oximeter should be on hand for measuring oxygen saturation in the blood. A casualty who requires supplemental oxygen in a first aid setting requires further medical evaluation.

Beauregard First Aid can provide your First Aid and Oxygen equipment requirements at a great price.

Whether it is for a large company, or you are traveling around Australia in a vessel, or towing a boat, get in contact with us and we will make sure you’re prepared for what lies ahead.


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