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Manually Triggered Ventilator (MTV-100)

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Manually Triggered Ventilator (MTV-100)


MTV-100 Manually Triggered Ventilator

The MTV–100/Manually Triggered Ventilator is today’s most advanced design in oxygen powered, manually-triggered, breathing devices. Advanced pneumatic technology limits and regulates gas pressure, providing patients with reliable, effective airflow.

Designed to deliver 100% oxygen to a breathing or non-breathing pre-hospital patient, the MTV-100/ Manually Triggered Ventilator provides emergency care professionals with greater versatility, increased safety, and improved performance over any existing handheld device.

The MTV-100 may be attached to a portable, pressure-regulated, oxygen cylinder or central oxygen source. It is versatile and can be used with a mask, endotracheal tube or tracheotomy tube.


Specifications (based at 50 psi inlet pressure):

  • Supply Pressure: 50 ±5 psi
  • Anti-asphyxiation: 55 LPM minimum @ -5 cm H20 pressure
  • Opening pressure: (crack) 0 to -25 cm H20
  • Storage temperature: -40°F TO 160°F
  • Manually triggered flow: 40 ±5 LPM @ 50 psi supply
  • Operating temperature: -30°F to 125°F
  • Demand flow: 100 LPM at 0 to -5 cm H20 pressure
  • Caution: At temperatures below 30°F, the high pressure limit ranges between 60-80 cm H20
  • Pressure limit: 60 ±5 cm H20
  • Inlet fitting: Standard male oxygen DISS (swivel)
  • Secondary pressure relief: 65 – 80 cm H20 max
  • Filter: 25 micron, wire mesh
  • Expiratory resistance: Less than 2.5 in. H20 @ 160 LPM flow
  • Outlet: 22mm outside diameter x 15mm inside diameter
  • Peak demand flow: 115 ±10 LPM @ 50 psi inlet
  • -5 cm H20 or less to obtain 100 LPM
  • Material:
    • Body: Vectra
    • Cap: Vectra
    • Button: Vectra
    • Outlet: Polysul
    • Inlet Fitting: Plated brass

Please Note: White Hose (2mtrs) and connecting Nut are a separate purchase.

Please note: Photo is for illustrative purposes only.

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