OXI-Port Oxygen Therapy Rental Package

The low cost option. Short or long term rental, to suit your needs.

If you are among the many medical support facilities that may require a short-term Oxygen therapy device to be on hand, but don’t want to outlay the cost of purchasing a kit outright, then this Rental package could be an option for you.

The short-term administration of supplemental oxygen to a breathing victim will not cause harm in most circumstances… but any casualty who requires supplemental oxygen in a first aid setting, requires further medical evaluation.

Oxygen therapy devices should only be used by people who have been trained to use the equipment.

The OXI-Port Rental Package includes:

Oxi-Port Resuscitation Kit

  • Carry Bag.

  • An Oxygen regulator (fixed flow rate of 8 litres/minute), with “oxygen flush” feature. Ideal for First Aiders.

  • Pulse Oximeter sensor for the measurement of Oxygen percentage in the blood and also Pulse Rate.

  • Oxygen Therapy Mask, with Reservoir bag and Oxy Tube.

  • Oxygen Cylinder Valve Key with chain.

  • CPR Pocket Mask

  • Operating Manual – please read carefully.

Please Note : The Oxygen Cylinder (usually “C” size), is not included in this product package. Oxygen cylinders can only be “hired” from Authorised Gas Distributors. They cannot be purchased outright.

OXI-Port Rental Package Pricing:

  • Our Rental Pricing is based on the length of time of your rental.  It is not a fixed price.

  • To obtain a quote, phone or fill in the Form below, with the Start Date & Length of Time that you would like to rent the OXI-Pack.

    We will prepare a Quotation when your request is received and promptly return it to you with any other information that you might need.

Call us on 1300 725 705, or complete the Rental Form below to find out more information.

Oxygen or Defibrillator Rental can be arranged for short or long term timeframes, to suit your needs.

Oxi-Port Hire Package Specifics:

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  • By law, Oxygen cylinders can only be hired from authorised Gas distributors. They cannot be sold outright.
  • Supagas in Vic, Tas, SA , WA & NT are recommended. BOC Oxycare and Air Liquide are two other companies that hire medical Oxygen cylinders.
  • “C” size medical oxygen cylinders contain up to 400 litres (round bottom) and up to 440 litres (flat bottom), when full.
  • If pressed, the Oxygen Flush Button tops up the Reservoir Bag, which substantially increases the supply of oxygen, but will reduce the duration of the oxygen supply.

“C” size oxygen cylinders:-

  • Black cylinder with a white collar.
  • Appropriate labeling, identifying it as a medical oxygen cylinder.
  • Oxygen Gas Fill – around $25.00.
  • Small Oxy bottle hire – “C” size, at around $12.00 month
  • A fee for Delivery may apply.
  • Canulas, (but not Masks), are normally supplied by Gas Distributors.
  • Weight (full) – 3.4kg.
  • Height –  515mm
  • Diameter –   110mm.
Flow Rate
Typical DurationInspired Oxygen Concentration
840 – 50 minutes 35% – 40%

Australian Standard Pin Index Valve for oxygen equipment.