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Off-Road & Outdoors First Aid Kits

-Includes Marine applications.

Every environment has different safety needs, which is why our Off-Road & Outdoors First Aid Kits are worth considering. It is not simply a matter of “one kit, fits all”. The number of people, potential seriousness of injury, whether there is a high or low risk of injury and how fast you are able to access professional medical attention, are all considerations when choosing a first aid kit.

Caravan First Aid Adventures Our Off Road First Aid Kit has a wide range of first aid items for Remote locations and 4WD environments.

If you have a Caravan, Motor-home or go Camping, then check out our ‘Out & About’ first aid kit, which also includes a Fire Blanket.

When adventuring you never know where you will end up, it may be a long drive to find a medical facility.  Especially when you are out in the bush and come across a snake, the good news is, you don’t have to be a paramedic to use our Snake Bite Kit“, which may just help to save a life.

Marine First Aid Kits

When you are out on the water, it takes time to reach medical support. Having a first aid kit on hand enables the immediate treatment of injuries.

Our “G” Scale First Aid Kit is for Passenger, Non-Passenger & Fishing Vessels Operating in Smooth & Partially Smooth Water environments (areas are defined by jurisdictions).