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CPR Pocket Mask

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CPR Pocket Mask


CPR Pocket Mask
Self-contained emergency resuscitation kit.

  • Robust plastic case.
  • Pocket-sized & easily portable.
  • Soft latex-free plastic mask with a pre-inflated cuff, gives a highly effective seal against the face
  • One-way replaceable valve to prevent the passage of liquids and secretions
  • Nitrile gloves and antiseptic swab are included to ensure highest safety standards

Ideal for: Workplace First Aid Rooms & First aid Kits, Facilities, First Aid Providers etc.


Please note: Photo is for illustrative purposes only. Brand of item may not match the image, but the product supplied is intended for the same use.

Beauregard First Aid can provide all of your First aid requirements at a great price.

So no matter if it is for a huge company, or you are just traveling around Australia in a caravan, get in contact with us and we will make sure your prepared for whatever lies ahead.


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