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Burnaid Gel Spray 50ml

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Burnaid Gel Spray 50ml


Burnaid Gel Spray 50ml Bottle

Used for the immediate first aid treatment of burns,

Burnaid Dressings rapidly cool down burns, helping to prevent further tissue damage and aids in the healing process while offering the patient rapid and ongoing pain relief.

  • Consists of in excess of 90% water trapped in the proprietary gel
  • Contains a small percentage of Melaleuca Oil (distilled from the leaves of the Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree).
  • Melaleuca Oil is a proven antiseptic, which exhibits local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • 3mm thick pad of open cell foam impregnated with the Burnaid gel.
  • Almost immediate pain relief from the cooling gel and the anesthetic properties of the Melaleuca Oil.
  • Assists to halt the burn progression & minimizes further tissue damage.
  • Re-hydrates the burn.
  • Sterile & exhibit mild biocidal properties – helping to prevent secondary infection.
  • Allows for easy transport to medical attention.

Ideal for: Workshops, Laboratories, Kitchen Facilities, Restaurants, Cafes, Caterers, Manufacturers, Tradies etc.


Can Burnaid Gel Spray be used on deep or full thickness burns?

Yes it can – Burnaid Gel Spray can be used on all degrees of burns, from superficial sunburn, to partial and full thickness burns, even where there are open skin wounds present. Extensive testing and trials of the Burnaid Hydrogel have shown it will not cause any tissue damage. Burnaid is completely sterile and will also assist with secondary infections by protecting the wound.

But I have been told that I cannot use any creams or lotions on Burns, only water?

That is correct – Other creams or lotions are petroleum or waxed based and can trap heat in the wound. They can also cover the wound in a film-like substance and make wound assessment for medical practitioners difficult. Whereas Burnaid gel is water based (>90% water) that break down with heat from the burn injury. This releases water onto the wound and cools through evaporation and convection airflow. It is completely water soluble and any extra gel breaks down and can be washed away with water or saline. Basically Burnaid is water in a gel.

Because Burnaid Gel Spray contains a small amount of Tea Tree Oil, are there concerns regarding allergies?

Burnaid dressings and gel do contain a small percentage of Melaleuca Alternifolia or Tea Tree Oil (TTO). Extensive studies have shown that pure TTO 50% and 100% solutions have a 2/100 reaction rate. This is equivalent to the reaction rate for hand soaps sanitizers etc. Since Burnaid use a 1% and 4% TTO solution diluted into its hydrogel, possible reactions are even smaller.

How long can I keep Burnaid Gel Spray?

Burnaid is a sterile product that has a shelf life of 5 years from date of manufacture.

Please note: Photo is for illustrative purposes only. Brand of item may not match the image, but the product supplied is intended for the same use.

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