Burnaid Gel Sachets – Various Quantity Options.

Used for the immediate first aid treatment of burns,

Quantity Options: 3.5g singles & 3.5g 10 packs

Burnaid Dressings rapidly cool down burns, helping to prevent further tissue damage and aids in the healing process while offering the patient rapid and ongoing pain relief.

  • Consists of in excess of 90% water trapped in the proprietary gel
  • Contains a small percentage of Melaleuca Oil (distilled from the leaves of the Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree).
  • Melaleuca Oil is a proven antiseptic, which exhibits local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • 3mm thick pad of open cell foam impregnated with the Burnaid gel.
  • Almost immediate pain relief from the cooling gel and the anesthetic properties of the Melaleuca Oil.
  • Assists to halt the burn progression & minimizes further tissue damage.
  • Re-hydrates the burn.
  • Sterile & exhibit mild biocidal properties – helping to prevent secondary infection.
  • Allows for easy transport to medical attention.

Ideal for: Workshops, Laboratories, Kitchen Facilities, Restaurants, Cafes, Caterers, Manufacturers, Tradies etc.