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Tradesman First Aid Kit – Softpack

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Tradesman First Aid Kit – Softpack


Tradesman First Aid Kit

A kit designed for the tradie by tradespeople.

Our Tradesman first aid kit will suit Tradies and Small Teams operating off-site, it includes a wide range of items for common first aid needs. First Aid equipment is important to have on hand or in the truck for when you need it.

Package: Softpack bag with carry handle. See-through internal pockets for easy product identification and quick access. Front pocket for extra items.

Kit Size: L27 x H17 x D14 cm.

Ideal for: Tradies – Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Small Off-Site Teams etc.


Did you know?

Tradies & Technicians have one of the highest work-related injury rate in Australia.

An Australian study found that 7.2% of tradies were injured / unwell due to a work related injury.

Laborers came in third place with 66 out of 1,000 workers suffering from a work-related injury.

* Source – ABS Work-Related Injuries report 6324.0 dated 19/11/’14.

Tradesman First Aid Kit Contents Includes


ItemQtyUsed For
Adhesive Strips – Plastic Hypo allergenic30Minor wound cover
Adhesive Strips – Fabric20Minor wound cover
Antiseptic Swabs – Cetrimide4Wound Cleaning
Bag – Plastic (Small)3Soiled items/General container
Bandage – Conforming Elastic Gauze 5 cm1Bleeding Control
Bandage – Conforming Elastic Gauze 7.5 cm1Secure dressing
Bandage – Heavy Elastic 7.5cm1Secure dressing
Bandage – Crepe 10cm1Bleeding Control/Pressure Bandage
Bandage – Triangular 90 x 90 cm1For slings/padding
Bandage – Triangular 10x 110 cm Single Use1For slings/padding
Burnaid – Sachet 3.5gm1Soothing Burns
Cold Pack – Instant – Single Use (small)1Reduce bruising
Dressing – Combine Pad 9 x 20cm1Bleeding Control
Dressing – non adherent 5 x 5cm2Wound cover
Dressing – non adherent 10 x 7.5cm2Wound Cover
Dressing – Wound No. 15 (large)1Padding for serious bleeding
Eye Pad2Emergency eye cover
First Aid Instructions1First Aid Information
Forceps – Plastic1Handling dressings
Gloves Nitrile – Powdered – Large (Pair)2Cross infection protection
Itch Relief – Sachet 1g1Sooth stings/bites
Safety Pins5Secure bandages/dressings
Saline – Ampoule 15ml2Eye and/or wound irrigation
Scissors – Sharp/Blunt1Cut bandages & dressings
Splinter Probes – disposable5Removing Splinters
Swabs – Gauze Sterile 5 x 7.5cm (Pack 3)3Wound cleaning
Swabs – Alcohol5Cleaning hands & instruments
Tape – Hypo- Allergenic 1.25cm x 9mtrs1Secure dressings
Thermal Accident Blanket1Retain body warmth
Towels – Paper3Mopping up, Drying hands


Please Note: The contents of kits may vary slightly from time-to-time, but the applicability of each kit to its purpose will remain.

Beauregard First Aid can provide all of your First aid requirements at a great price.

So no matter if it is for a huge company, or you are just traveling around Australia in a caravan, get in contact with us and we will make sure your prepared for whatever lies ahead.


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