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School Yard Duty First Aid Kit

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School Yard Duty First Aid Kit


School Yard Duty First Aid Kit

School & Sporting Focused First Aid Kit

A handy on-person Waist Pack for common first aid needs.

Ideal for :

  • School Yard Duties.
  • Security Guards.
  • Off-Site Workers.
  • General First Aid Duty purposes.

Kit Size : W20 x H10 x D10cm



School Yard Duty First Aid Kit Contents Includes


ItemQtyUsed For
Dressing Strips – Plastic, Latex Free10Minor wound cover
Antiseptic Wipes – Cetrimide3Wound cover
Antiseptic Swabs – Povidone Iodine3Wound cleaning
Bag – Bio-Hazard (small)1For soiled dressings
Bandage – Conforming 7.5cm2Secure dressing
Bandage – Triangular (single use 110cm)1A sling and/or wound padding
Burnaid Sachet – 3.5gm1Cool and sooth small burns
Cold Pack – Instant – Single Use (small)1Reduce bruising
Dressing – Combine Pad 9 x 10cm1Wound dressing
Dressing – non adherent 7.5 x 7.5cm2Wound Cover
Dressing – Wound No. 14 (medium)1Padding for serious bleeding
Eyewash Saline – 15ml Ampoule2Eye and/or wound irrigations
First Aid Quick Check1First aid information
Gloves Nitrile – Powdered – Large (Pair)2Cross infection protection
Resuscitation Mask for CPR1Resuscitation hygiene
Safety Pins5Secure bandages/dressings
Scissors – Sharp/Blunt S/Steel 12.5 cm1Cut bandages & dressings
Swabs – Gauze Sterile 7.5 x 7.5cm (Pack 3)3Wound cleaning
Tape – Zinc Oxide 1.25 cm x 5m1Secure bandages
Tweezers S/Steel 12.5 cm point1Handling soiled dressings
Wound Closures Leuko 76 x 4mm (4 Strips)3Adhesive sutures for cuts


Please Note: The contents of kits may vary slightly from time-to-time, but the applicability of each kit to its purpose will remain.

Beauregard First Aid can provide all of your First aid requirements at a great price.

So no matter if it is for a huge company, or you are just traveling around Australia in a caravan, get in contact with us and we will make sure your prepared for whatever lies ahead.


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