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High Risk

Factory, Industrial & Trades First Aid Kits

Moderate Risk
67% to 100%

High to Medium Risk Environments

33% to 67%

Our range of Factory, Industrial and Trades focused First Aid Kits are a great addition to any high to medium risk workplace. But, if you are unsure which category your workplace belongs to, make sure you check out our First Aid Risk Assessment chart.

If you work in a high risk work environment, then you understand the value of having first aid supplies at your finger tips. As such, for high-risk environments we recommend either of our First Responders First Aid Kits. Specifically designed for those situations where you need to “grab & run”.

Factories First Aid Kit Category

Here at Beauregard First Aid we have a first aid kit for every type of workplace. So regardless if you’re a tradie, small factory, a large manufacturing plant, or you are out on the road distributing energy and telecommunications, we will have the right First Aid kit for you.

Better still, you can sleep easy knowing all our workplace First Aid Kits have been designed to comply with the Australian regulations under the Work, Health and Safety Act Code of Practice: First Aid in the Workplace.

If you’re not sure which kit you need at your workplace, then please let us know. We will be able to assist in choosing the right one for your environment.