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Car, Home & Motorcyclist First Aid Kits

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Car, Home & Motorcyclist First Aid Kits

Keep a First Aid Kit on hand for when you may need it.

Outdoors & Off-Road First Aid Kit Category

Our First Aid Kits cater for common injuries, while still being compact enough to take with you on life’s adventures.

Having a first aid kit in the car, around the home, and in the workshop, is a wise decision.

Our Motorist kit includes a Wound Dressing for the treatment of serious bleeding, saline eyewash to flush foreign particles that may have flown into your eye and many other products that could be useful in roadside accident situations.


Motorcyclist First Aid Kits

Motorcycle First Aid Kits CategoryThe likelihood of a serious injury happening to a bike rider is approximately 41 times higher than the likelihood of it occurring to a car occupant (based on a per distance traveled basis).

Based on more than 6,000 motorcycle-related incidents, our Motorcyclist First Aid Kits were designed for the treatment of common injuries incurred by bike riders.

Check out our range of Car, Home and Motorcyclist themed first aid kits below.